Augmentation material


Ossyresorb is a totally absorbable augmentation material for the treatment of bone loss. It is resorbed simultaneously while autologous bone is forming. B-tricalcium phosphate is fully absorbable. The porous material has very similar bilogical features to natural bone. It shows very good post surgical stability.


  • fully synthetic: no risk of possible infections
  • pure-phase ß-tricalcium phosphate
  • gradually resorbable
  • rapid resorption time (formation of new bone within 4-6 months depending on patient physiology)
  • optimal surface sizes and porosity
  • biological features similar to natural bone
  • high porosity helping safe and progressive bone formation
  • 100% resorbable

Garanulate sizes and packaging

0,3-0,4 mm for small defects
0,4-0,8 mm for small and medium size defects and cysts, for normal size sinus floor lifting
0,8-1,25 mm for extended sinus floor lifting, large augmentation sites


Product Code Grain size (mm) Packing (g)
5230-405 0,3-0,4 0,5
5230-410 0,3-0,4 1,0
5230-420 0,3-0,4 2,0
5240-805 0,4-0,8 0,5
5240-810 0,4-0,8 1,0
5240-820 0,4-0,8 2,0
5281-205 0,8-1,25 0,5
5281-210 0,8-1,25 1,0
5281-220 0,8-1,25 2,0



  • for augmentation for future implant placement
  • for immediate implant placement when the alveolar crest is reduced 


  • filling of bony defects
  • root resections
  • maxillo-facial surgery


  • reduced resorption time
  • suitable for routine and difficult restorations
  • synthetic: safe - no potential immunological risk of infection
  • improves the effieciency of the therapy
  • accelerates bone regenaration
  • simple application at the defect site

Lyoplant® membrane

Lyoplant is an implant of pure collagen that has been obtained from bovine pericardium. The special preparation process ensures that Lyoplant is purified from noncollagenous components, for example, enzymes, lipids and noncollagenous proteins.

Packs of 1 piece

Product Code Size
5060-014 6x14cm
5040-010 4x10cm
5060-008 6x8cm
Product Code Size
5060-014 6x14cm
5040-010 4x10cm
5060-008 6x8cm

Pack of 2 pieces

Product Code Size
5040-005 4x5cm
5020-010 2x10cm
5015-003 1,5x3cm